Bankruptcy Alternatives

The number of bankruptcies in the state of PA and across the United States has been at an all time high over the past few years. With the economy failing, it has left individuals without jobs, losing jobs, resulting in individuals not being able to meet their debt. The increase in the housing market has left owners owing more for a home than it is worth. In seeking relief, many feel their only hope is through filing bankruptcy. However, Bethlehem Bankruptcy knows about special laws in the state of PA that can keep you out of bankruptcy court while protecting your wages and primary home. By avoiding bankruptcy, you avoid the long term damage it can bring to your ability to borrow money.

Having hounding debt collectors calling your home, cell and work can be extremely stressful. Many of the debt collectors receive a commission on the debts they collect.  Often they use unethical practices to attempt to collect a debt from you. They might let you believe they are in the process of filing to garnish your paycheck. You need help from a Bethlehem Bankruptcy Lawyer. I can explain your rights to you and use those rights to stop the debt collector from harassing you and your family.

Your mounding debt may also cause you to fear about the loss of your home. In other states, the debt collector can sue you for the unpaid bill and place a lien on the house in which you live. PA law provides your primary home is a sanctuary and thus exempt from the collector’s attempts at forcing you to pay a debt using these tactics.  As a Bethlehem Bankruptcy attorney, I am very familiar with the particulars of PA law and how these statutes are written for the consumer’s protection.

PA residents can find better options than bankruptcy for find debt relief.  Other PA bankruptcy attorneys might try and talk you into either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  My experience allows me to provide advice to help you protect your assets, avoid wage garnishments, etc.  I will give you insight into the special provisions of PA bankruptcy code, ensuring your decisions have the minimal impact on your financial future. I will evaluate your circumstances, and help you choose the best option for your unique situation.

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