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2021 COVID Pandemic Stimulus and Debt Resolution

Welcome everyone. I wanted to start out today by introducing myself. I’m attorney Charles and I am a bankruptcy and real estate attorney in Allentown, Pennsylvania. And with me today, I have attorney Sam Wright and attorney Brent Westbrook, go ahead, please. And introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about where you are […]

Bucks County Bytes with Martha Voorhees

Hello, bucks County. What is going on out there and your world What is going on out there today This Friday, we are about to head into Valentine day weekends. Yeah, it’s Valentine’s day coming up here on Sunday, but today we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to talk a little […]

The Kennedy Effect with Jeff Kennedy

And you’ll tell me how to share it on my side. You can take it from my Facebook page and share it from there. Cause I don’t, I’m not attached to your Facebook page. Gotcha. Okay. All right. We’ll do that. I don’t want to minimize or we are there enough and I believe we […]