If you own a home, this is probably your largest and most valuable asset and losing it can be devastating. If you are facing a foreclosure in PA, Bankruptcy can be an option to prevent you from losing your home. Filing for bankruptcy of any type generally stops the foreclosure on your home. The automatic stay of bankruptcy goes into effect the moment you file a bankruptcy case which will stop most collection efforts against you. Your mortgage lender, the taxing authority, a homeowners association or whoever is foreclosing on you must cease their foreclosure actions immediately. You will then have some time to decide what to do.

Bankruptcy Petition

A bankruptcy petition stops the foreclosure of your home – it stops foreclosures on any type of physical property that you own. The lender has no option once a bankruptcy case is filed. The bankruptcy also allows you to restructure the amount you are behind and pay the past due amount over a period of up to 5 years. Even if you do not think you can afford your home, a bankruptcy may restructure the debts on your house to make it affordable.

Foreclosure Defense

Defending your home against foreclosure may seem daunting, and in some cases it can be, but there are options to help you resolve mortgage debt problems and stop a foreclosure. At Bethlehem Bankruptcy, we know that your home is your most cherished asset and we want to help you keep. I have helped hundreds of hard working people just like you secure a forbearance agreement, loan modification, and more.

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When you are facing foreclosure it can feel as if you life is unscrambling. At Bethlehem Bankruptcy, it’s our goal to help people with their financial difficulties and provide professional legal advice for everyday living. Financial difficulties usually arise out of an unexpected crisis, such as loss of job, major medical emergency, divorce or business failure. We want to be available to our clients through these difficult times and help them move forward.

Working with Bethlehem Bankruptcy is your best chance at a successful defense against foreclosure. We negotiate with your mortgage lender and work to ensure your home is protected while we develop a plan that fits your needs. You won’t need to worry about lengthy phone calls to your lender and stubborn refusals to help with your mortgage problems.

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