Loan Modification

We all have gone through things in life that has caused financial problems, such as birth or death in the family, an extended and unexpected hospital stay, caring for loved ones, divorce, and change in job or working conditions.

If you are temporary situation has passed but your mortgage servicer is no longer accepting payment or moving forward to foreclose then you could benefit from the help of Bethlehem Bankruptcy.

Understanding Loan Modification

Achieving a meaningful loan modification without professional assistance has proven to be an extremely difficult task.  While Bethlehem Bankruptcy does not modify your mortgage, a modification by the servicer or lender of your mortgage may be a favorable settlement outcome of your litigation.

If you own a home that is facing foreclosure, you may have received a letter stating that process, stating that your property would be foreclosed upon in 21 days. This does not give much time to save your house without intervention. With help from an experienced lawyer, you can stall or even stop the foreclosure process completely.

Often, when considering alternatives to foreclosure, homeowners often have concerns regarding the costs involved with either a short sale or loan modification. In essence, the question comes down to, do you want to stay or move out of your property. If you have the ability to pay principal, interest and payments on a mortgage, you can negotiate for a loan modification. If you are unable to make regular mortgage payments, then you are able to sell your property through a short sale.

Bethlehem Bankruptcy is experienced in all aspects of mortgage litigation including loan modifications, and they can negotiate with your lender to get you back in good standing through a solution that is best for you. The bank may offer loan modification in attempt to settle mortgage litigation claim, if you have the necessary income to qualify.

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